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Added to a rock’n’roll playlist with almost 1 million followers of all my fav rock’n’roll bands! Thank you!!! @white_lightning_pr @rocklouder @spotify #rockmusic #indierock #newsingle #originalsong #guitar
Sometimes to most spiritual thing you can do is to … 

#spirituality #wisdom #spiritual #motivation #guitar #guitarist
So blown away by the response I get from directors of radio stations, blogs & podcast from South American and European countries! Check out this lovely reply to my song.
Hi Sanny, what's up?
First thanks for choosing us to listen to your song.
We are happy and honored.
It means a lot to us, it's very important for us to continue working with the independent music scene, thank you very much.
Sorry for the delay in returning, we have several songs here and we like to listen calmly and carefully so as not to make mistakes.
We love it, amazing, wow, great song.
Great chorus, great riffs and guitar solos, amazing grooves.
Great video, great quality and performance.
Exciting, high energy, high quality, great vocals, great lyrics, the recording and production is amazing.
Congratulations, it's amazing, awesome work.
Good to hear and don't want to stop listening.
Perfect, it speaks a lot about the moment we live here in Brazil with the politics and the bad politicians we have here.
Sounds good, we really love it, what a great song.
85% of radio programming is with independent bands and artists.
That's our cause, to give opportunities and show how many wonderful artists are out there.
You are one of those amazing artists.
Don't give up, always keep going.
We will play next Thursday at 9pm Brasilia time on the radio show Alternativa Groover with several replays during the rest of the week and weekend.
I will share with my team and in the message groups.
I'll send the radio link here at Groover on the day, so you know it's going to play, ok?
Let's go together, long live good independent music.
Songs like yours make us believe and keep playing independent bands :)
Thank you so much, forever grateful.
Hugs from Brazil.

#alternativerock #independentmusic #rockmusic #australianmusic #rocknroll
1st week of WINS for “I Don’t Believe The Truth”. Not bad for an artist who’s not signed to a label, management or booking agent (yet) 🤩🤘🏽

- 1k streams on Spotify
- 1.5k views on YouTube
- 20+ adds to Rock playlists 
- Featured on multiple FM radio stations and podcasts in Europe, South America and Australia!
- Blog features in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Italy.

#originalsong  #newsingle #rockmusic #indierock #guitar
I Don’t Believe The Truth is out now on all streaming platforms! #originalmusic #rockmusic #rockmusician #australianmusic #guitar
My new song “I Don’t Believe The Truth” has been released into the universe! 

I recorded the song with @seanehurley @natebarnes @__avisame____ @ravzm20 and it got mixed by @dfthorp and mastered by @raelynn_jae 

Hope you enjoy watching the hilarious music video I made with @hitmeupcreative & @olafscreativestudio 

You can watch the full video on my website:

#originalsong #rockmusic #australianmusic #singer #guitarist #rocknroll #conspiracy
My new song has just been released! Link in Bio

#originalsong #guitarist #singer #australianmusic #rockmusic
My new single is out tomorrow! Friday 16.9.2022 on all streaming platforms! Here’s a snippet from the video coming out the day after, Sat 17.9.2022 on my YouTube channel. It’s also my birthday!

#originalsong #rockmusic #australianmusic #guitar #singer
Prince spitting TRUTH, 1999. 2 more days till my new single drops! #prince #rockmusic #originalsong #australianmusic #rocknroll
I levitated for the artwork of my new single dropping this Fri 16.9.2022

#levitation #rockmusic #originalmusic #rockmusic #levitationphotography