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I'm doing heaps of open mic gigs in Melbourne and live streams on my socials. Hope to meet you at one!

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About Sanny

Sanny Veloo is a Singaporean-Australian singer, guitarist, and songwriter who has captivated audiences with his fearless musical style and positive energy.

Sanny’s sound is an irresistible blend of alt-rock, power-pop, and classic rock. He effortlessly combines big riffs, soul-stirring guitar solos, infectious choruses, and memorable arrangements that resonate deeply with listeners. His voice is instantly recognizable, seamlessly transitioning between rock ‘n’ roll grit and heavenly falsettos.

On stage, he emanates raw power and his razor-sharp wit shines through his thought-provoking lyrics. His performances are a beacon of light, resonating with our collective desire to chase dreams, find love, and stay true to ourselves amidst life’s chaos.

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