Prepare to embark on an electrifying journey with Sanny Veloo, an extraordinary Singaporean-Australian singer, guitarist, and songwriter who fearlessly carves his own musical path while spreading positive vibes.

With his highly anticipated debut EP on the horizon, Sanny is entering an exhilarating new chapter in his musical journey. Fueled by unwavering determination, he’s on a mission to gather a team of dedicated believers, a label, and a management team to support his upcoming release.

Sanny’s sound is an irresistible blend of alt-rock, indie rock, power-pop, and classic rock. He effortlessly combines big riffs, soul-stirring guitar solos, infectious choruses, and memorable arrangements that resonate deeply with listeners. His voice is instantly recognizable, seamlessly transitioning between rock ‘n’ roll grit and heavenly falsettos.

But Sanny’s impact goes beyond his musical brilliance. On stage, he emanates raw power and his razor-sharp wit shines through his thought-provoking lyrics. His performances are a beacon of light, resonating with our collective desire to chase dreams, find love, and stay true to ourselves amidst life’s chaos.

Sanny’s musical journey began in Singapore with the legendary punk band Boredphucks. Fearlessly challenging the status quo and defying the Singaporean government, they faced bans and accusations of inciting a riot. Despite these challenges, their popularity soared, eventually reaching the coveted number-one spot. However, Sanny’s non-conformist spirit led him to leave Singapore and migrate to Melbourne, where he found a new home and a canvas to unleash his unwavering passion.

Reuniting with his bandmates as The SUNS, Sanny embarked on an intense three-year tour across Australia, leaving an indelible mark with almost 300 unforgettable performances. From intimate clubs to wild house parties, they poured their hearts into their shows, igniting stages from coast to coast. However, tragedy struck when Sanny suffered a devastating accident on stage, shattering his right elbow and leading to a metal prosthetic. Adding to the heartache, The SUNS lost their drummer and Sanny’s closest friend, Wayne Thunder. Overwhelmed by darkness, the band disbanded, and Sanny found himself at a crossroads.

For a while, Sanny battled with depression as his musical dreams faded into the background. But fate intervened and pushed him to his breaking point. Summoning his courage, he rose from the ashes, resolved to follow his heart no matter how daunting the path. Thus, he reaffirmed his commitment to the power of rock music and embraced his true calling.

This time, Sanny formed EMPRA, a band composed of like-minded Australian musicians he connected with through an online forum. Among them was the renowned Australian drummer G-Flip. Together, they embarked on an eight-year odyssey filled with triumph and resonance. EMPRA released several successful albums and EPs, toured extensively in the USA, Australia, and South East Asia, and collaborated with Grammy award-winner Gotye. Their journey reached new heights as they shared the stage with rock icons like Weezer and Fall Out Boy, and even found themselves in the company of the legendary guitarist Slash. However, life’s unpredictability called Sanny back to Singapore to care for his ailing father. EMPRA disbanded, and Sanny’s bandmates pursued their own paths, leaving him to undergo a profound period of reinvention, fueled by the love and inspiration he found within his family.

But this was only the beginning of Sanny’s resurrection. Within his family, he discovered new inspiration and love, igniting an unstoppable fire within him. Today, he stands ready to rock, armed with wisdom, songs, and experiences as an independent musician.

When he’s not engrossed in the studio, Sanny captivates his ever-growing cult following on TikTok and Instagram. He enthralls audiences with soulful performances at local open mic nights in Melbourne and engages fans worldwide through live streaming. His devoted supporters eagerly anticipate each new revelation, knowing that whenever Sanny resurfaces with something fresh, it’s an event that demands attention.

Prepare to be blown away by an artist who defies expectations, refuses to be silenced, and empowers others through the sheer force of his music. Sanny Veloo is a true force to be reckoned with, and he’s only just getting started. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey alongside this musical maverick.


  • His first band Boredphucks was banned in Singapore!
  • He has released two albums & 6 EPs in previous bands
  • Collaborated with Gotye on a track
  • Has supported Fall Out Boy, Weezer, POTUSA & British India
  • Has toured extensively in USA, Australia & South East Asia
  • Shortlisted as a finalist for the Vanda & Young songwriting prize
  • Won an International band competition with the Australian band EMPRA in the USA

Sanny's Team

  • Right now I’m running everything on my own but…
  • I’m looking for management that can help get me touring and my music into USA, UK & Europe.
  • Please get in touch if you are keen to work together!