About Sanny & the EP

  • Sanny Veloo is a dynamic artist hailing from Australia and Singapore, with a musical style seamlessly blends the energy of modern alt-rock with the timeless allure of 70s-era classic rock.
  • Has collaborated with Grammy Award-winning artist Gotye and supported Grammy Award-winning band Fall Out Boy on tour.
  • Seeking a home with a forward-thinking label that will assist with raising his profile and expose Sanny to excellent music career-building opportunities.
  • The audience is Gen Z & Millennials who love an uplifting  rock sound with catchy melodies, memorable guitar solos and relatable lyrics.
  • Perfect fit for rock festivals!

Sanny’s past experience & achievements

  • Has previously released two albums and seven EPs and four singles.
  • An experienced touring musician who has performed across the USA, Australia, and South East Asia.
  • Has performed at SXSW, Culture Collide & Music Matters showcase festivals.
  • Finalist in the Vanda & Young International Songwriting competition.
  • Represented Australia in an International Band Competition and Won.
  • Also a music producer, songwriter, session singer, touring guitarist, and music video director.
  • Has a passive income web development business without established commitments, allowing him to have a long-term music career focus.
  • Loyal following on Instagram and TikTok.
  • Professional, upbeat personality, positive outlook, always delivers, very easy to work with.
  • Has already begun working on a follow-up album to his debut EP.
  • Has an inspiring background story. Find out more in his bio.

Past Releases


  • EMPRA – Self Titled
  • Boredphucks – Banned in Da Singapura


  • EMPRA – USA Tour EP
  • EMPRA – Strange Condition
  • EMPRA – Live!
  • The SUNS – 2:20
  • The SUNS – Rock
  • Boredphucks – Together We Make Together Songs
  • Boredphucks – Revolution 69


  • Sanny Veloo – I Don’t Believe The Truth
  • Sanny Veloo – The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving
  • EMPRA – Rebecca
  • EMPRA – Doesn’t Make Much Sense


  • Path of Light – Norma Budinski

Songwriter / Lyricist / Top-liner / Session Singer / Session Guitarist

  • Claire Del Sol – Say Again
  • Path of Light – Norma Budinski
  • Julian Schweitzer feat Sanny Veloo – Where is the Faith?
  • Comfy by Andrew Tan
  • Bad Karaoke – St Pineapple
  • D-Sides – Dirt Radicals
  • The Final Eclipse – Love & Forgiveness


Music Videos Directed by Sanny Veloo