Behind the Music

When the Boredphucks were in the studio recording our debut album, we were asked to record three songs for a Singapore movie about the teenage gangsters called “Eating Air”. It was a dream come true! For the first time ever our band was going to be contributing songs to an actual movie for the big screen, and it was a cool story that represented the part of life in Singapore that you don’t see unless you grow up in public housing.

We quickly wrote three songs for the movie, “Jia Hong“, “1-2-1” and “Fat Sang Meh Si” after being so inspired by the movie script! It was also the first time we had to write the songs entirely in the Chinese dialect, Hokkien. I distinctively remember mouthing out lyrical ideas in English and then Wayne & Justin would figure out the Hokkien translation, and then teach it back to me to sing.

The sessions were messy. I got drunk after breaking up with the girl I was dating at the time and came to the studio being all emotional and made a complete fool of myself. I had drunk too much whisky and crashed on the sofa and fell asleep when I was supposed to be recording. But I woke up, and sobered up just in time to do the guitar solos and miraculously rocked it even with a hangover in just a few takes. All was forgiven after! That was the first and last time I would ever be drunk at a pro session!

The highlight of these sessions was definitely working with DJ Tan Ah Luck on the song 1-2-1. We had initially written the tune as a punk rock song but with his magical production powers, we turned it into a 70s ABBA-style disco hit! If you listen to the bridge of the song, you can hear people screaming, (pretend) fighting and throwing shit around. That was actually us doing that in the studio and kicking around two metal dustbins!

Unfortunately, you can’t get this album anymore. It’s long SOLD OUT and not on Spotify. But the song 1-2-1 is available on another Boredphucks release – Together We Make The Together Hits. I’m also embedding the track here for you. Hope you enjoy it!


Justin Roy – Bass, Backing Vocals
Wayne Thunder – Drums, Backing Vocals
Sanny Veloo – Lead Vocals, Guitars


Written by Boredphucks
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by DJ Tan Ah Luck, Joe Ng & Boredphucks

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