I Don't Believe The Truth single artwork

I started writing this song just as the pandemic was starting to happen in Feb 2020. I was living in a loft apartment near the beach in Melbourne at time. It was hot as hell! True story, I came home one day and saw that I had left my 2015 Macbook Pro open on my coffee table in front of this huge glass window and the sun was beaming directly onto it. I tried to turn on the MacBook but the case was HOT it burnt my fingertips… and it could not turn on. The sun has literally fried my computer! I had nothing else in the apartment except my laptop and some clothes and basic kitchen utensils, and that’s when I started writing the riff on my acoustic guitar. It all started from that one single incident!

Completing this song was an epic journey. I went through 15 different versions of the song (I know right!)… one of them had an instrumental break that sounded like old-school Metallica! One version was like slow blues, another sounded like American Idiot from Green Day and all these shitty versions until finally, it sounded like me! The lyrics started bout climate change, but as the pandemic progressed, and I saw people being sucked into the wave of paranoia and conspiracy theories, the lyrics evolved into this tongue-in-cheek commentary about the chaos happening. All of this shit just simply distracts us from our own truths and we just need to be more kind to each other instead of worrying about if the Earth is flat!

When it came to mixing the track, I lost my mind chasing the right mix, almost had a nervous breakdown, and had it mixed by 5 different people. But they all couldn’t nail the sound in my head! I was so depressed about it. Finally, the session bassist I recorded with Sean Hurley told me to speak to his friend Darrell Thorpe – a 10-time Grammy award mixing engineer. I did. He loved my music and offered to mix it for me and he NAILED the mix!!!

This song kept me going over the pandemic lockdowns and gave birth to so many other songs for me. There’s a HILARIOUS video that makes fun of conspiracy theories alongside the song release on 16 September as well and I sincerely hope you enjoy it 🙂


Sanny Veloo: All vocals, lead guitar & rhythm guitars
Nate Barnes: Drums
Sean Hurley: Bass
Ravi Madhavan: Tabla, Harmonium
Abigail Claire: Backing Vocals


Written & Produced by Sanny Veloo
Mixed by Darrell Thorpe
Mastered by Raelynn



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