Behind the Music

Over the pandemic, a powerful Reiki Healer, Norma Budinski, who I saw a couple of times over the years when I was working out personal stuff reach out to me about making some music for guided meditations. She was looking for someone to help put together bits and pieces of harp melodies that she had into backing tracks for guided meditations that she wanted to give her clients and students. I jumped at the opportunity and was super excited!

She came over to my home studio in St Kilda and played me a piece of music that she had written on her harp. I was blown away that someone could channel such complex music so effortlessly. We immediately recorded the melodies that she heard in her head on the harp and flute. In total, about 45mins of music was recorded mostly in one take. Except for the flute which kept going out of tune because of the cold weather! Nevertheless, I was blown away and humbled to be in the presence of such a powerful musician and healer!

She left me full creative freedom to weave everything together into a song. I added a “hook” at the start with the flute, made it sound like a new age thing with pads and keyboards, and channel some BB King blues licks on top for extra sauce.  What we created together was a WHOPPING 18mins and 54 seconds instrumental as a FIRST track together! Epic!

Everything we did felt like it was being guided by the divine. I can’t really explain it, but you just have to listen to the track. It’s sincere, pure, magical and one of my proudest music moments.


Harp, Native American Flute, Drum, Indigenous Australian Rainstick and narration by Norma Budinski.
Guitars and cosmic soundscapes by @Sanny Veloo


Written & Composed by Norma Budinski.
Produced, Arranged, Recorded & Mixed by Sanny Veloo in Melbourne, Australia.
Mastered by Brendan Dekora in Los Angeles, USA.

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