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“Path of Light” by Norma Budinski is a 57min alchemy of sound and healing. Combining instruments such as Celtic and Reverie Harps, Native American Flute, the Indigenous Australian Rainstick, soulful electric & acoustic guitars, mesmerizing synths, hypnotic beats, and ambient soundscapes, the music takes you on a transformative inner journey that will fill you with peace. If you’re a fan of new-age, meditation, spa music, or want something to listen to in the evening for chill-out vibes, you’ll love this album.

Norma Budinski is a Harpist, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, and Mentor for Soul Living. She’s also one of the highest-rated energy and alternative therapy healers in Melbourne and has helped over 1000+ people in the past 20 years! With ancestors from Seychelles, Norma is of French-Creole heritage and is dedicated to helping people positively transform their lives and discover their highest potential. Through Reiki and Sound Healing, she has helped people overcome issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety, toxic relationships, domestic violence, and even suicide ideations and is a well-respected Reiki teacher and practitioner.

Over the pandemic, she reached out to me to collaborate with her to create something that her clients could listen to at home as part of her therapy process. I was totally into that idea. It was a sincere project with good intentions and good karma all over! We met up once a week every Thursday in my studio to work on this music for over 6 months. I spent nights in lockdown tinkering and experimenting with the arrangements, mixing, and playing guitar, and keyboards, and creating soundscapes over her melodies to allow as much healing as possible to come through the music. It was absolute bliss. I was always left in a beautiful state of mind, after each session with this music and I’m so grateful for the experience.

I highly recommend that you check out the album on Norma’s Bandcamp page. The CD also comes with an instant FREE high-quality digital download of the tracks so you can listen to the album while waiting for the physical CD and its beautiful packaging to be shipped.

A portion of each sale will also go to the SANDS foundation which supports Women who have experienced miscarriages or stillbirths.

Thanks again for your time and all your incredible support for my music!


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