EMPRA Rebecca cover art


  • EMPRA tour USA off the back of just one single, “Rebecca

Behind the Music

After the weird experience of having a hit song with our last EP, but not having the type of returns on investments that we put into making it, the cracks and the pressure of being in an independent band that was touring internationally set in. We very heartbreakingly lost Matt Cattanach our drummer, and Matt Gault, our second guitarist. who could no longer commit to the type of touring schedules we wanted to do even though the Strange Condition EP failed to take off.  We had our reasons and they had their reasons… So many times I wonder how I could have handled all of this better so it wasn’t so stressful for the guys and for myself. But that’s life in an independent band touring without any record label, management or agency support! It can get exhausting.

The remaining Matt and I decided to still carry it on. After auditioning 27 drummers (that’s who many drummers wanted to join EMPRA) we found a prodigious talent in Georgia Flipo (who is known as the Australian alt-pop superstar G-Flip). She breathed a new life into the band with her drumming and enthusiasm and we quickly jumped back into the studio to record a new EP. This time back to the basics and the sound we were used to. We quickly recorded four songs “Rebecca”, “Doing the Best I Can”, “C.T.F.O.” and “Standing in the Gutter” and before we knew it, we were doing the biggest tour of our careers – a 55-date run of USA.


Sanny Veloo: Vocals, Lead Guitar
Matt Agius: Bass, Backing Vocals
Georgia Flipo: Drums, Backing Vocals


Produced by EMPRA
Mixed by Dave Parkin
Recorded by Hothouse by Jez Giddings
Artwork by Beek

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