“The debut EP from one of the best new bands in Melbourne right now!” Beat Magazine

Behind the Music

After Boredphucks was banned, our lives in Singapore as pseudo-celebrity rock stars came to an abrupt end. We got into so much trouble and almost ended up in jail! Fortunately, all charges against the band and myself were dropped. We were dealt a devastating blow to our music careers and we went into an excruciating hiatus.

Wayne and I both ended up in Melbourne to study and went we finished up, we convinced our brother Justin to join us in Melbourne. The dude quit his job, with his bass, suitcase and $5000 savings, moved his ass over to Melbourne to live with us in a run-down shanty house. But together, we embarked on the rock’n’roll journey of our lives!

Between the three of us, we worked over 10 dead-end part-time jobs, so we could be focused on just music. We pooled all our earnings together to pay the bills. We rehearsed five times a week in a small bedroom that had a mattress against the window for soundproofing. Living together in the same house with my band like a family, was one of the happiest times of my life!

We recorded 5 songs with whatever basic equipment we had onto a computer that kept crashing. These recordings became the first EP we used to get gigs…  a lot of gigs, literally hundreds! And we sold THOUSANDS of this CD at shows and that helped to pay for rent and groceries. Even this one time the CD plant guy was so shocked cos we kept coming back to make more CDs cos they kept selling out at our shows! We played about 2-3 shows a week, sometimes even more travelling all across the East Coast of Australia in a Ford Econovan giving us the greatest experiences of our lives. We toured with amazing bands like Presidents of the USA, Mach Pelican, The Vaginals, Bagster and too many others to remember! Every single gig was incredible and magical. Even at the gigs that we thought were shit, we would convert people to fans!

To this day people still tell me some of their happiest moments were singing along to “Before You Go“, “Put Your Arms” and “Cecelia” at our shows. All of these shows were from this EP, including the tasty reggae jam “You Curry“.


Sanny Veloo: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Justin Roy: Bass, Backing Vocals
Wayne Thunder: Drums, Backing Vocals


Produced by The SUNS
Mixed by Wayne Thunder
Recorded at No.9 Jingella Studios
Artwork by Lex

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