• The single “Strange Condition” scored national rock radio rotation and was EMPRA’s most successful song
  • Shortlisted for the prestigious Vanda & Young songwriting prize
  • The video won a French Animation award for the Oh Yeah Wow production team
  • The CD SOLD out everywhere!

Behind the Music

EMPRA was on a stellar trajectory brimming at the top of the rock’n’roll underground in Melbourne. We had just won the biggest band competition in the world organised by Livenation USA in Los Angeles! We were on fire and went back into the studio to record a followup to our debut album. But this time round, we decided to experiment and try something different. We were talked into trying something different by a big-time producer who convinced us that we would have a “better chance” if we worked with a professional songwriter.

So for the first time, I found myself collaborating with a brilliant songwriter named Haydn Ing from the Australian rock band Calling All Cars. The songwriting sessions were incredible and I learned so much about songwriting from him. The demoing sessions with Hadyn were spectacular and the band was totally vibing the demos. But something weird happened while recording. It was done too perfectly and although we weren’t entirely comfortable with it, we placed our trust in the team that was way more experienced and trusted in the process.

The end result was an EP that showcased a huge leap in our songwriting and sound. We were very proud of this EP, but it backfired. Although the lead single went on to be the most successful tune we ever released, we lost a lot of the fans we built in the years leading up to this that liked us because of the heavier rock sound. But that’s why you take artistic risks, cos you have to grow. Nevertheless, this EP and the experience of working with Haydn made me a much better songwriter and that in itself, was worth the experience for the entire band!


Sanny Veloo: Vocals, Lead Guitar
Matt Agius: Bass, Backing Vocals
Matt Gault: Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Matt Cattanach: Drums, Backing Vocals


Produced by Hadyn Ing & EMPRA
Mixed by Haydn Ing
Recorded by Sing Sing Studios
Artwork by Percival Ho

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