Behind the Music

This EP came about as one of those things where you’re hanging out with your former bandmate who’s still your bro and best friend and over the years, over drinks, you’re both like, “Hey, we really should get back together and do a song and release those cool songs we hand that never got properly released.” And one day, we finally got off both our arses and got this done.

But to top it all off, we roped in our former sound mixer Rajiv Naidu, who is also one of the most talented hard rock/metal musicians that we know to help us write a heavy metal song. At the time, there was this crazy woman in Singapore that was campaigning to ban all heavy metal. So what we did was we roped in all the best heavy metal singers that we knew in Singapore and got them to sing a heavy metal song that “Thanks” her for doing the right thing!

The EP also features a couple of our hit songs from other singles and movie soundtracks finally all in one EP. This include the hit singles “Zoe Tay“, “Bootiful Day“, “1-2-1” and a song we recorded for a X’Ho movie that never got made “I Lurve Singapore“.


Justin Roy: Bass, Backing Vocals
Wayne Thunder: Drums, Backing Vocals
Sanny Veloo: Lead Vocals, Guitars

*Rajiv Naidu: Guitars, Bass & Drums on I Voted for Her
*Sanny Veloo: Guitar Solo on I Voted for Her


I Voted for Her was written and produced by Boredphucks & Rajiv Naidu
The rest of the songs were produced by Boredphucks and talented producers like Leonard Soosay and DJ Tan Ah Luck.

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