USA Tour CD - Empra cover art


We did a 55-date USA tour and sold out this CD within the first two weeks of our USA tour!

Behind the Music

We put together an EP of our “best of singles” to sell at our shows during our massive USA college tour. It was one of the most incredible experiences to see so many different parts of the USA and meet so many beautiful people. But the tour was to be EMPRA’s last, but one of the greatest experiences for us. After the tour, we decided it was time to lay EMPRA to rest. Matt and I had achieved everything we wanted to do when we first started but were exhausted from pushing the band ourselves for 7 years. My dad had fallen very sick and I wanted to be present for him. I also didn’t want to hold G-Flip back from her own music career that was starting to blossom into the successful career that she has today. This EP was EMPRA’s last hurrah and it gave us lifelong memories of touring the USA.

I only wished that I kept a copy for myself! But a couple of hundred people in the USA have it!

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