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19 August 2022

“I Don’t Believe The Truth” Single Out 17.9.2022

I finally did it! A song I took 2 years to write has been sent to DistroKid for release everywhere on Sep 17! No changing my mind again!

9 June 2022

Sacred Mountain by Normal Budinski is out today!

The third meditation track that I produced for harpist & energy healer Norma Budinski is out today!

St Pineapple - Bad Karaoke album artwork
28 March 2022

St. Pineapple album is out now with my guitar solo!

I was asked to lay down an "epic" guitar solo for my mate St Pineapples epic closing track for his album.

Circle of Light - Norma Budinski single artwork
21 March 2022

“Circle of Light” by Norma Budinski out today on YouTube

A powerful meditation track that I produced and played the guitar on for Norma Budinski is out today!

The Human Race Ain't Worth Saving - Sanny Veloo cover artwork
16 September 2021

Sanny Veloo releases first solo single, The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving

Beach Boys-esque falsetto vocals with Dave Grohl grit, kick arse rock riffs, sing-a-long chorus and a fret melting guitar solo.

10 September 2021

The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving played on the Canadian SBS podcast again!

Yet another amazing shoutout by Jeremy of the excellent Canadian music podcast SBS!

The Human Race Ain't Worth Saving - Sanny Veloo cover artwork
13 August 2021

“The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving” reviewed on Upstream Indie

“The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving” is an energetic song with a powerful meaning, perfect for todays society. This song, completely self produced, is a true work of art for this bold musician.

The Human Race Ain't Worth Saving - Sanny Veloo cover artwork
3 August 2021

Sanny Veloo has released his misanthropic alt-rock single, The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving

The high-octane hit channels the angst of 90s grunge, the instrumental flair of rock n roll and the energy of a pop-rock anthem.

28 July 2021

The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving played on the Canadian SBS podcast

I had literally one of the best shoutouts on the radio ever by this amazing podcast from Canada!

16 November 2016

Sanny performs acoustic set on the Songroom

Melbourne-based band The Basics, formed by Wally De Backer (Gotye) back in 2002, is presenting a series of intimate gigs through to late December with some top Australian artists.

2 October 2015

Rock band EMPRA on changes and going back to basics

As a rocker, he has been around the block more than a few times: With Justin Roy and the late Wayne Thunder, as The Boredphucks, which later morphed into The Suns when the band moved to Melbourne; and since its inception in 2011, as the frontman for EMPRA.

EMPRA happy single review
11 September 2015

EMPRA muster up a good time with Rebecca single

Not many rock bands strive for that towering arena filling sound early in their career.

3 September 2015

The best pizza party with EMPRA

Happened to be at Frankie’s to grab a late slice and brew on Sunday night? The best thing to go with that was a topping of EMPRA as they tore the veteran room a new one.

7 August 2015

Beauty & Lace interview

A lot has changed since them and they are a far cry from the Sanny and the Matts we fell in love with, but the band and the music is just getting stronger so sit back and find out all the news.

USA Tour CD - Empra cover art
17 April 2015

EMPRA – High energy rock coming out of a dark time

 It sounds counterproductive but hardships often create the meaning and motivation needed to push an artist harder than before. Empra is a result of that.

18 June 2014

Empra lets their music do the talking

The very first word the band used to describe their music is ‘AWESOME’. Or more accurately, ‘F*****g AWESOME’.

24 September 2013

We caught up with EMPRA on their Strange Condition tour.

We won the Livenation USA Band Competition and got to perform at the House of Blues where we graced a stage that was built over a foundation of actual mud from the Mississippi River!

11 July 2013

Sanny interviewed on Today Online

He carved out a reputation for himself while with home-grown bands The Boredphucks and The Suns. Now, musician Sanny Veloo, who is currently based in Melbourne, has gone on to form Empra.

7 April 2013

EMPRA win world wide competition at LA’s House Of Blues

Australian rock band EMPRA have won the Livenation In House Artist Project Competition after ousting the international competition in the exciting finals held at the legendary House of Blues on Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles on Sunday 7 April.

1 August 2012

EMPRA – Empra

A very listenable album that channels heartfelt and honest emotions and opinions with simplicity and directness.