Although this band lacks a major label, aspects of EMPRA had me remembering getting into Motley Crue for the first time.

Tracks such as Doesn’t Make Much Sense have an emotional intensity that puts your mind on edge then serves it up with glorious rawk.

Later, the stand out Only Love harkened Sick Puppies, maybe. Which is a good thing. Shows there are some killer harmonies and screaming pain coming out of EMPRA’s bones. Full on, but so thrilling on the end of the speaker wire.

A unique interpretation of familiar music, controlled by tight guitar and a punchy rhythm section, the structures in the music are classic yet clever.

This genre is a bit like country – songs follow a time-honed verse, chorus, bridge set-up. Though in the hands of Sanny Veloo you end up with something that isn’t some kid trying to figure it all out.

No, this is a man who – to use a surfing analogy – sits way out the back with his band mates, waiting for the largest waves.

He lands every one, and rides like a pro all the way in.

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