The very first word the band used to describe their music is ‘AWESOME’. Or more accurately, ‘F*****g AWESOME’.

That is how confident EMPRA is of their music. The band have traveled far and wide and even have a few music awards under their belt. They have also been compared to the likes of Weezer and The Foo Fighters.

The Fifth Parlour had a quick chat with the band right before their first set during Music Matters Live 2014.

The Melbourne-based band consists of four members: Sanny Veloo, Matt Aguis, Matt Gault, and Matt Cattanach. You read that right! There are 3 Matts in the band.

Sanny, who hails from Singapore, shares that the unique name of EMPRA derives from the Sanskrit word ‘Prema’ which means Universal Love and that nicely ties in with what music means to the band, it brings people together.

This is the second time the band is performing in Singapore. In 2013, EMPRA opened for Fall Out Boys during their concert at Fort Canning Park in front of more than 5000 people. During this visit, not only is EMPRA part of the impressive line-up for Music Matters 2014, but they are also headlining their own show at our Hard Rock Cafe.

Matt A. mentions that they absolutely love playing to the Singapore crowd as we are responsive and it is always good times.

Since it is currently winter back in Melbourne, Singapore’s scorching hot sun is well appreciated by the guys. They also enjoy our local dishes such as sambal kangkong, bak kut teh, curry chicken, briyani and basically anything spicy.

When asked what would they be up to when they are back on Aussie shores, the guys told us that they would be busy working on their second album. Matt G. shared that they would explore beyond the punk rock vibes that the first album had. But he also assured fans that their songs would be just as catchy, groovy, and (you guessed it right!) awesome. Besides working on the album, the guys will  be busy going on tour within Australia itself.

If given a chance to work with any artist be it dead or alive, the guys mentioned Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), and Dave Grohl. Matt A. says that Dave seems a bit scary, but if given the chance, he will be more than willing to wing it.

Before we parted ways we managed to get a few random facts from EMPRA:
1) There are 3 Matts in the band and they nicknamed each other “Bristles”,
2) Matt A. once fell through a hole while performing on stage,
3) Matt G. tries to eat healthy, but KFC chickens are his weaknesses,
4) Matt C. and a few other guys ran into Mexican gangster while they were in LA and almost did not make it out alive!

The Fifth Parlour wishes EMPRA all the best and we simply cannot wait for the next album.

Watch Sanny's latest single!