Sanny Veloo’s latest scuzzy garage rock hit, The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving, is a playlist staple for every misanthrope. The high-octane hit channels the angst of 90s grunge, the instrumental flair of rock n roll and the energy of a pop-rock anthem.

Before making his solo debut, the Singapore-born and raised artist was in the band, Boredphucks before they were banned by the government for their polarizing music. It doesn’t get more rock n roll than that, does it? Now residing in Melbourne, Australia, Veloo carries the same commitment to creating unapologetically expressive tracks. We probably don’t need to mention that, given the title of his latest release.

With the powerful and colourful instrumentals in The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving, Veloo created an ironically euphoric atmosphere for the listener to complete our undeserving sentience.

The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving is now available to stream via Spotify.

First published in the A&R Factory.

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