Have you ever noticed a certain demographic of Sydney’s population that seemingly emerge only on Thursday to Sunday nights? They’re a little older, their hair is a little scraggy, their jeans have accessories and only seem to own band t-shirts. No, it’s not some strange habitual rising of the dead. It’s just the crowd who frequent Frankie’s Pizza.

If you ever wonder where all the rockers go in this fine city then this den is the place you’d find them. With walls splattered with gig posters, the pungent yet alluring smell of cheese that wafts in the air and a decent supply of beer on hand, where better to take in some fine rock n’ roll music? So with that in mind, the perfect mood was set for EMPRA to launch their new single Rebecca.

EMPRA are one of those bands that are best enjoyed in a live setting. Their mantra is simple, big chords, big presence and big vocals. It’s something of a forgotten art among many young rock bands, but not this Melbourne troupe. Made up of of Sanny Veloo on vocals and guitar, Matt Agius on the bass and Georgia Flipo handling the sticks the band have been gigging around for the last four years with a solid self-titled album behind them. They’ve just released Rebecca and to celebrate kicked off their short run of dates at everyone’s favourite cheese cavern. To put it frankly, it wasn’t a bad way to spend a Sunday evening.

There’s nothing like a late night rendezvous with Frankies. It’s your last chance to cut loose and have fun before the working week crushes your soul come morning. Which is fitting when Rebecca has lines like “This was another big night and I’m ready for more“. Well said Veloo, well said. All the massive energy the band have on tape they bring to the stage, the three piece working the space with plenty of energy and gusto. The venue has played host to dozens of boss rock n’ rollers and thankfully EMPRA honoured that tradition. Veloo and Agius jumped about and strutted in their small space. Veloo didn’t miss a note, switching from falsetto croon to gritty, masculine yelling.

Props to the sound dude is due too. In such a small space with such a loud band it’d be easy for some of the vocals to be drowned out in the mix, but everything sat in it’s place nicely allowing for a fine translation of the songs in the live setting. The urgency that ran through Rebecca was infectious, the thick, meaty riffs juicy and begging for the classic drunk mosh two-step.

If you do love a good rock show then be sure to catch EMPRA tomorrow at Adelaide’s Jive Bar. Alternatively you can catch them in acoustic mode at the Jetty Hotel in Melbourne on Saturday September 5, or in regular electric guitar mode on September 19 at Revolver Bandroom.

Watch Sanny's latest single!