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In a whirlwind of chords and heartstrings, my musical journey has been a rollercoaster ride through the soulful depths of rock and roll. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Melbourne, Australia, my story begins amidst the heartland of Singapore, where I first found my voice.

Picture this: a punk band named The Boredphucks, rocking out so hard that we ruffled the feathers of the powers that be, earning ourselves a ban from the Singaporean government after a riot erupted at one of our shows! Wild, right? But every great story has its twists and turns.

Undeterred, we migrated to Australia and reincarnated ourselves as The SUNS, hitting the road in our trusty Ford Econovan. Over two years we performed at venues across the country, chasing our dreams. It was some  of the happiest times of our lives! But fate can be a cruel mistress, and tragedy struck when we lost our drummer and my best mate, Wayne Thunder, on tour. It felt like my heart died with him, and the band dissolved soon after into echoes of what once was.

Lost in a ocean of despair, I found myself drifting through the mundane humdrum of call centre jobs in Melbourne, until one day, I couldn’t stand the sound of it anymore—literally. Enough with the complaints about slow internet, I thought, it’s time to crank up the volume on my own life. Thus, from the ashes of despair rose a new band: EMPRA.

With a lineup with three blokes named Matt, EMPRA soared to heights I’d only ever dreamed of. From winning international competitions to sharing stages internationally with legends like Fall Out Boy, collaborating with Grammy-winning musician Gotye, and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Slash and Weezer, our journey was a whirlwind of sonic triumphs for an independent rock band.

But as the long road stretched out before us over the years, the strain began to show, and bandmates drifted away like notes in the wind. Yet, just when it seemed like the final curtain was drawing near, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of Australian drummer and pop-sensation G-Flip, who joined our band and breathed new life into our music and our spirits.

And so,  after a whirlwind 55-date tour across the USA, we bid farewell to the stage, our hearts filled with memories and our souls alight with the fire of accomplishment. But it was time to return to home. My father was ill so I left the touring life to help my family care for my Dad until he passed on.

But even amidst the quiet hum of everyday life, the music in me never truly faded. It whispered in the wind, and I kept playing my guitar and writing songs to heal my emptiness. Music danced in my dreams, until one night, a vision of my father appeared, urging me to keep the flame alive. And with tears in my eyes and a song in my heart, I knew that my music journey was far from over.

Enter Covid, stage left, throwing a curveball that no one saw coming. But adversity breeds creativity, and armed with nothing but my iPhone and a heart full of melodies, I set out to conquer the digital realm. Two singles, a handful of home-made music videos, and countless hours of social media guitar solo shenanigans later, the dream still burns bright.

Today, I stand on stages both real and virtual, my fingers dancing across the strings, my voice ringing out with stories of love, loss, chaos, and everything in between. From open mic nights to bonafide rock shows, each one of my songs is a testament to the power of resilience and the beauty and importance of human connection in an increasingly disconnected world.

And so, as I stand on the cusp of recording my debut solo album, surrounded by a new band of brothers, whose talents rival the stars themselves, I can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for every twist and turn I’ve faced along the way. For in the end, it’s only about music that binds us together, echoing through the halls of time.

So here’s to the dreamers and the believers, the ones who dare to chase their passions against all odds. Here’s to the rockers and the rebels, the ones who refuse to be silenced by the noise of the world. And here’s to you, dear friend, for joining me on this wild and wonderful journey.

I hope to meet you in person one day!

Yours sincerely,


PS: My music sounds like a mashup of Weezer, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, Santana, Queen, Kiss, Beach Boys, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Ben Folds & Gary Clark Jr.

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May 21 is always a heavy day for me. It’s the day I lost my soulmate, best friend, songwriting partner, drummer, and brother from another mother, Wayne Thunder. The morning is filled with anxiety and a sinking feeling in my chest. But today, Leonard Soosay sent me a beautiful video that reminded me Wayne’s spirit still shines on, guiding and inspiring me. It brought some comfort to my heart.

This song, “Let Your Love Shine Through,” was written by Wayne. I vividly remember him playing the rough idea on a classical guitar in the kitchen of our band’s share house in Melbourne. The house had a leaky roof and felt like Antarctica during the winter. We never completed it because we couldn’t figure out a cool bridge or an ending, so we left it for the “album.”

A few days after Wayne’s funeral, Justin, the bassist of The Suns, and I went to Snakeweed Studios in Singapore and finally finished the song. We added a Led Zeppelin-inspired bridge because Wayne loved them. We also added a big singalong ending. In Wayne’s honor, we left out the drums—he was irreplaceable. Leonard Soosay, the legendary Singapore rock producer, guided us through the session, mixed the track, and the song was completed the next day. The end of that session was bittersweet; I think we were all holding back tears.

Our crazy music journey as childhood friends, who started a band, caused a riot, got banned, and then moved to Australia to rock, had come to an end. It was tragic, bittersweet, and scary. Up to that point in my life, all I knew was being in a band with my two best friends. I felt lost for years until I finally snapped out of it and started a band called EMPRA. I’m proud to say I went on to fulfill every music dream Wayne and I had. Wouldn’t you do the same for someone you loved?

Losing Wayne was one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced. I don’t think you ever truly get over something like that. To this day, I’ve yet to meet a musician with more passion than Wayne. But he inspires me to keep making music, and his beautiful rock ’n’ roll spirit lives on in me. 

Thank you, Wayne, for making me believe that dreams can come true.

Love, San

Here’s our rockin’ version of Blinding Lights from our first sold out Melbourne show at Mamma Chen’s in Footscray!

Video recorded by Matt Cynner
Sanny did some additional video effects.

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In My Life (Cover) by Sanny Veloo & Wayne Thunder

I found a bedroom recording of “In My Life” by The Beatles in one of my old hard drives today. This was recorded with my best mate Wayne Thunder when we were living together in a share house in Hawthorn back in the day.

Listening to this brings back a flood of emotions. Wayne was my best friend, my musical soulmate and the drummer in my first two bands - Boredphucks and The SUNS! “In My Life” was one of his favourite Beatles songs and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as Wayne and I enjoyed making it late into the night.

When someone you love passes on, I don’t know if you can ever get over it completely. But I’ve tried to take all those parts of him that I loved and made them a part of me so he lives in me forever. Till this day, I have yet to know a musician with more passion and sincerity than Wayne Thunder.

Rest In Power my brother 🥁⚡️🤘🏽

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Sunset Skies by Sanny Veloo

Here’s an acoustic tune I wrote about the euphoria that falling in love can bring, even in the face of its challenges. Despite its origins in a tale that didn’t quite unfold as planned, this song emerged as a beacon of hope and passion. As I prepare to record it for my debut album, I hope this home demo warms your heart a little on this cold Melbourne night!

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Live Bootleg: I Don’t Believe The Truth

From our Thursday night headline show at Bad Decisions Bar with an absolutely rockin’ crowd that stayed up late just to catch our set and hang with us after!

Video recorded by @mattcynner additional video  effects by Sanny.

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Anyone play Fallout and guitar and loves rock music?

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I Don’t Believe The Truth by Sanny Veloo.

Here’s a tune I put out online over a year ago, that feels even more relevant today! A song about misinformation in the media and the quest to find your own truth in an increasingly chaotic world. 

Hope you enjoy the DIY video that I self directed in my apartment using three green screen blankets from Amazon. Could not have done this without the brilliant talents of my buddies - cinematographer @sandcram and video editor @olafs13 

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Life is good when you’re in a sexy rock band with these legends!

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