A Brighter Tomorrow

Words and Music by Sanny Veloo

Verse 1
Truth, we must reveal it
Right, action is needed
That’s right!
Have more compassion and kindness in your heart
Cos that’s all we need to make a brand new start

We don’t wanna live in a world that’s so divided
We don’t wanna live in a world of prejudice
No don’t wanna so be gonna be the change
We gonna build a brighter tomorrow
Spread the vibes we start today

Verse 2
No, violence not needed
Peace, we have to just live it
There is nothing more powerful than love
We gotta speak more of the language of the heart


These crazy politicians they always trying to build walls between us
Don’t fall for their propaganda games
Unite! Let’s stand strong
I’m with you
You’re with me yeah!

Guitar Solo

Chorus x 2


Production Credits:

Produced by Julian Schweitzer & Sanny Veloo
Recorded & Mixed by Julian Schweitzer at Labracadabra Studios

Sanny Veloo: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals
Julian Schweitzer: Drums